Humans of Netivot



Humans of Netivot is an exciting initiative sparked by the experience of Shabbat Netivot Byachad. Everyone has a story to share. As we get to know members of our special Netivot community more closely, our kehilah will be connected, comfortable and stronger.

  • Rachel Libman, curator at the Toronto Holocaust Museum, was born in Ottawa. Her family moved to Toronto for better work opportunities and to be part of a larger Jewish community; she joined Netivot in 1990 (grade 3). It was, “such a different lifestyle for me; suddenly surrounded by Shomrei Shabbat friends… I really[…]

  • “When I look at the Russian communism now, I reflect, but back then, it was just normal life. We were required to attend certain communist meetings. I think the discipline that I got, specifically working discipline, I got back from Russia. You had to manage many, many things, and you were independent from[…]

  • “I love to learn. Send me what you think I need to know and I’ll read everything about it and watch all the videos and listen to all the podcasts about it,” shares Steven Strauss passionately as he describes his love for learning about new companies and investment opportunities in his portfolio management work. Steven[…]

  • “I feel close to the community here. We have good friends and feel connected to the people. It says alot about the community. I’m amazed every time my kids and I (as a current limmudei Kodesh teacher at Netivot) are not treated differently for our mistakes or accent. People here appreciate Israel and the Hebrew[…]

  • “Netivot is a place where people are family. We started off in Yoemans in a gym and then watched this building go up – it was an incredible feeling seeing this home being built that was ours! We’ve grown bigger, but that feeling hasn’t left. When you say NETIVOT, you know it means[…]

  • Growing up in Sudbury, Peter Rewega had no exposure to Judaism, but became interested in it while attending university in Toronto. He then went through the conversion process with Caterina, who eventually became his wife. Their entire family was fully supportive of their journey, including one brother-in-law who is now a rabbi in[…]

  • “It was in my blood since I can remember… creative ideas, creative expression… I loved all the
    art supplies my parents would buy for me; it didn’t matter what medium”, shares artist Mahla
    Finkleman, graduate of the prestigious Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver,

  • “When a person is hardest to love, that’s probably when they need to be loved the most,” reflects Yehuda Levi as he shares his genuine passion about the plight of homeless people in our city. 

    Yehuda describes what inspired this passion and how he eventually became closely involved with some[…]

  • “I really like connecting with people. I’m empathetic, and I like helping people. I became a psychologist because it is a ‘helping profession,’ but I also like the challenge of it. I do assessments for Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, and often it is a puzzle. I like the challenge of figuring it out,”[…]

  • “You really don’t remember what your business results were on a certain brand 10 years ago. At the time it was all encompassing… but when I look back, what I do remember and what I hope people remember, is the way I impacted them, the way I made them feel. For[…]