Netivot Testimonials

Current Parent

We are delighted to share that we have experienced yet another exceptional year at Netivot. Our dedicated teachers and staff have provided unparalleled care, love, and support to our children. We are profoundly grateful for their talents and gifts, which have played a vital role in nurturing the growth of our precious kids.


Mahla Finkelman
Current Parent

Just under two years ago, we relocated from Vancouver here, to send our kids to Netivot. While the strategic plan and mission of the school align well with our family; it is the dedication of the teachers in the classroom that complete the circle. We are frequently asked by friends and family if leaving the beauty of the west coast was worth it, if we are happy with our school. The answer is a resounding YES! We are thrilled with the well rounded education that includes STEAM, music, art and phys. Ed. Each student is catered to their social, emotional and academic needs, to help them flourish and shine.

Sabrina Weill

As the year comes to a close, I can honestly say it has been eye opening in so many ways. But one specific thing that caught me was how much being a Netivot Family has changed us all. My kids have matured, we as parents have taken such incredible lessons from the school. I can honestly say it gave me a whole different motivation and pride in raising Jewish children. In a way that we may take for granted in Israel but have seen so clearly since being here. You guys do such incredible work for the school and as such, for the community as a whole. I realize now how much the school shapes the community. You should be proud of yourselves for everything you put in. It’s been a really incredible year!

Pertman Family
Current Parent

We are so thankful for another year of learning and growth. There is no greater feeling than sending your children to school and knowing that they are in a loving and stimulating environment, expanding their intellectual horizons and growing spiritually and emotionally. We have been so impressed with all of our children’s teachers this year and are in awe of the holy work they do every day. We thank them for partnering with us in raising our children.

Rachel Cousineau and Daniel Horowitz

We are so grateful for the many years of love, dedication, generosity, role modelling, and expertise they the Netivot staff have given our children. You took the time to really see them for who they are. Years after their graduation, the older boys are flourishing as whole people and as Jews, and I attribute this to the strong foundation and the positive experience they received at Netivot. We look back on our 15 years at the school with joy and great appreciation for the many big and small moments of wonder and growth. We will miss the incredible group of people that are the Netivot staff. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Current Parent

To all of our Netivot staff, this past year has been an incredible one. Our children have grown in ways that parents only dream of. Each day that they are met with encouragement to boost their confidence, acknowledgement of their efforts, middot and decision making, and shown love for their class community, has been a day that they feel supported and valued as a person. Thank you for being true partners with us in this once in a lifetime journey for each child.

Alisha Silver
Graduating Class

I have gone to Netivot for the past 11 years and it has taught me so much about Torah, Israel, Derech Eretz but it also taught me life lessons that will never be forgotten. But what really makes Netivot a great school is how much of a family Netivot is. What makes Netivot a family is that the older kids are always getting to do things with the little kids, for example reading buddies, dance parties, recess and so much more. Having all these amazing programs with the little kids brings us all closer together and really helps bond Netivot as a family.

Yael and Michael Lipson
Current Parents

We have four children at Netivot. They wake up everyday excited to go to school. That is a testament to the warm, fun and inviting educational environment that Netivot has created. We have seen our children be emotionally and educationally supported and we are so grateful to the Netivot teachers, administrators, and support staff who make school a safe space for our children. Thank you, Netivot!

Avi Kadoch
Graduating Class

Through my 8 years in Netivot HaTorah, and my outstanding school experience, I’ve gained incredible knowledge both in Limudei HaKodesh and Limudei Chol. I have also gained amazing friends and memories I will cherish and never forget. At Netivot I truly loved how everyday I walk in and everything and everyone feels like a big family, where everyone knows and supports one another. I also loved the opportunities that Netivot gives for the students to do things I love, for example the sports teams, the Netivot Panthers.

Michal and Yishay Weill

We arrived from Israel 2 years ago for two years and were welcomed so nicely by all Netivot families and staff.We immediately felt at home and us and our children loved every minute of being part of the Netivot family. We will miss the school so so much and feel so blessed to have been a part of this wonderful community. We really learned so much about הכנסת אורחים from Netivot and hope to be able to welcome you all in Israel whenever you come visit!

Aimee Hass
Current Parent

Thank you to all the Netivot teachers, assistants, staff, and administration for an amazing school year! We are so grateful to have had an uninterrupted school year - one that was filled with exceptional teaching, opportunities to participate in a wide range of sports activities, memorable experiential learning and and safe and warm environment. To all the teachers that care deeply about our children, who challenge their students and strive for the goal of academic excellence, THANK YOU!