Gan Netivot is where our youngest students are welcomed to our school’s unique message of Torah, Israel and Derech Eretz. Our children are taught to be respectful, inquisitive, independent and co-operative learners. Each Gan class is staffed by a certified teacher and a full-time teaching assistant. Key areas of our Gan program are literacy, Ivrit B’Ivrit and skills to help children develop socially and emotionally.

Literacy is a small word with big features! Listening, speaking, reading and writing all interrelate to help children become good readers and communicators. They learn that letters create words, that these words create sentences and that sentences create poetry and stories. These skills build the strong foundation towards reading.

Ivrit is the language of our Torah and classical texts as well as the language of the State of Israel. Our Ivrit B’Ivrit Hebrew immersion begins in Junior Kindergarten with many visual aids, hands on materials, interactive technology, CDs, books and puzzles throughout the classroom that make the presence of Ivrit natural. They become familiar with their new language through routines, songs, finger play and the modeling of spoken language. The goals of our interactive program are to impart a basic knowledge of spoken Hebrew, develop their ability to communicate in Ivrit and connect Hebrew to everyday social situations. We make the learning of Hebrew a positive experience for our children.

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\Netivot HaTorah offers a stimulating and comprehensive Limudei Kodesh curriculum incorporating several essential components which provide our student’s the foundation for continued Torah study at higher levels. Our caring, professional staff, comprised of North American and Israeli certified teachers, creates a warm and supportive environment in the classroom. Through ongoing commitment in Ivrit B’Ivrit, our intensive Hebrew language program, children acquire the Hebrew language skills necessary to study our sacred texts. A growing command of Ivrit promotes a deepening of Jewish identity and love of Eretz Yisroel. Our curriculum encompasses Chumash (both skills and content), Navi, Mishna and Talmud (in our Middle School), Jewish laws and customs, and daily Tefillah. The values of Torah, Israel and Derech Eretz are woven throughout our Limudei Kodesh program and school life, guiding our children toward becoming B’nei and B’not Torah.

Netivot HaTorah follows the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines and provides a first rate general studies curriculum in an inclusive co-educational environment in which children thrive. Our teachers are skilled, their lessons are challenging and their commitment is to prepare our students for the future. At Netivot HaTorah, students have discovery opportunities in science labs, with computers, and with creative arts projects that have relevance to their daily lives and inspire them as individuals. In the process of learning, Netivot HaTorah equips your child with the skills and tools necessary for success in High School and beyond.

Components of the Netivot HaTorah Gan program include:

  • Literacy

  • Tefillah

  • Parsha

  • Math

  • Mitzvot

  • Science

  • Technology

  • Arts

  • Music

  • Gym

  • Executive Functioning

  • Ivrit B’Ivrit

  • Reading

  • Warmth and love of our yiddishkeit

The formative years are wondrous. Seeing the children develop individually and as a group is in itself amazing.