STEAM Overview

Central to Netivot’s educational approach is an excellent STEAM education program which emphasizes hands-on experiential learning. Students in Pre-Nursery – Grade 8 participate in STEAM projects that are integrated into their Judaic and General Studies learning. Through Netivot’s STEAM program, students learn to: think critically about pressing issues in the world today and to design solutions to these problems; develop essential collaborative skills with peers throughout projects; practice persevering through challenging tasks, and learn to be resilient and self-sufficient in the face of adversity.

Netivot students are motivated and ambitious. Our STEAM program tries to keep pace with our students’ zealous and insatiable desire to learn. Students work on construction projects around our school, create prototypes for new life-changing inventions, design science experiments, compete in engineering competitions, and much more.


The STEAM Lab serves as a space in which students can actively engage in deep and meaningful learning. Its value, in part, lies in the possibilities it creates for students to link ideas and topics from multiple areas of the Judaic and General Studies curricula to broader issues relevant to their own lives. Moreover, it provides opportunities for the designing, building, prototyping, and testing of ideas that would be otherwise impossible in traditional classrooms.

STEAM Specialties

In grades 4 & 5, students participate in a dedicated STEAM class where they work collaboratively on engineering challenges, 3D modeling and printing projects, and coding robots. This is a foundational course that provides students with exposure to the latest technologies, and equips them to use their newfound knowledge and skills in their middle school years on meaningful projects.

The grade 7 inquiry class is a project-based course that engages students in STEAM tasks in service of a semester-long project. Students explore issues such as urban planning and the environment, considering ways that these topics relate to Torah, Israel, and modern Jewish life.