Strategic Planning

Overview of the Process:

Animating our Mission:

In Their Words: Students Reflect on the Mission

Emerging from a challenging pandemic, the Board and senior leadership team at Netivot HaTorah Day School recognised the need for a second look at the unique purpose of the school, its wider community and its strategy for the future. In late 2021, into 2022, NoTosh Ltd. undertook a full community listening exercise with the help of an in-house Netivot HaTorah Day School “Design Team” of students, parents, teachers, staff and leadership. We established a position of Leadership and Board for the future vision of the school and consolidated this with the needs and desires expressed by the community. As a result of our analysis there was a long list of 22 choices across five types of choice category, and synthesis sessions with leadership narrowed these choices down to a focussed handful. This is the strategy that has been chosen. We also undertook an analysis of the Mission and Core Values of the school. The previous mission statement was a description of ‘services offered’, rather than expressing the unique, differentiating purpose of the school that became clear during our analysis. We’ve created a mission, with a vision of what the world will look like when you live that mission every day, that positions Netivot HaTorah Day School in a unique way, both locally and internationally.

Strategy Summary:

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