Humans of Netivot



Humans of Netivot is an exciting initiative sparked by the experience of Shabbat Netivot Byachad. Everyone has a story to share. As we get to know members of our special Netivot community more closely, our kehilah will be connected, comfortable and stronger.

  • “People think my work is sad, and it’s true that the stories are heartbreaking, but I don’t feel sad about my work. I feel privileged to help empower clients to develop their own skills and resilience, knowing that when they have challenges, they will have the tools to help themselves. When they come back for[…]

  • “This is what I love to do! It’s Jewish education, with the best classroom ever!” Rabbi Shaanan Scherer articulated to himself post-yeshiva in 1997. He had toured some of Israel with the famous tour guide Barnea Selevan, and attended an inspiring one-man theatrical show with R’ Benji Levine. So, in 2005, after obtaining[…]

  • Aubrey Freedman, aka class mom extraordinaire, has made an impact on the Netivot community despite her short time as a Netivot parent. When she switched her sons from public school to Netivot for grades 2 and 5, Aubrey jumped right in as class parent for the grade 2 class. The grade 2 Chagigat haChumash was[…]

  • “The “yet” is very important. ‘We are not there yet.’” Having the ability to see that the path could be long or winding is part of the growth mindset that Reesa Karch has incorporated into her life. “I do a lot better when there is a plan[…]

  • PA Chat King, aka Matthew Schlar, can always be seen with a smile on his face when he’s volunteering at Netivot. “There’s so much negativity in this world; it’s such a strange place to be living in at this time, and if you don’t smile you’re living to the stigma of the time.[…]

  • “I remember feeling totally inspired. I had never felt so good doing anything in my life.”  Dikla (Stanleigh) Weitzner reminisces about her teenage experience volunteering at one of the bone marrow drives that her brother Audey Lior z’l had organized. “When I was in my first year of Ulpana, my brother was in[…]

  • “The school we want to send our children to doesn’t exist. We need to start a school!” 40 years ago a group of friends discovered their shared vision as they stood around Lori and John Ulmer’s kitchen island. Amongst that group was Shauna Tepperman, a driving force in making that vision a reality, who became[…]

  • “Growing up, I always knew I was different. My father was older than all my friends’ parents. As a kid, I never understood why, but then I really leaned into it as I got more mature; it’s part of who I am. I am probably one of the youngest children of a Holocaust survivor. From[…]

  • “One day I will be Jewish” a teenage Rachel Cousineau recalls telling her mother. Growing up in North Bay, Ontario, there weren’t many Jews to connect with; she became intrigued with Judaism through books and her Catholic high school’s World Religions course. Raised in a loving, deeply religious Catholic family, Rachel[…]

  • “I enjoyed the process of improvement over winning” reflects CHAT’s 1993 Senior Athlete of the Year RRC. “I loved to practice. There was a park across the street from my house and I would go every day. I’d shoot baskets over and over; or throw a baseball or tennis ball against the wall for hours.”[…]