Aubrey Freedman

Aubrey Freedman, aka class mom extraordinaire, has made an impact on the Netivot community despite her short time as a Netivot parent. When she switched her sons from public school to Netivot for grades 2 and 5, Aubrey jumped right in as class parent for the grade 2 class. The grade 2 Chagigat haChumash was a few weeks after she had her fourth son, but that didn’t stop Aubrey from showing up to the Chagiga, newborn in tow, with flowers for the teachers. Her commitment to her family, Judaism and community are immediately evident upon meeting her and while she’s very humble, she is greatly admired.

Born in Germany to a military family, (her dad was in the air force until recently), Aubrey moved around quite a bit as a youngster eventually settling in Point Pleasant, NJ with her mom who worked as a nurse. “Growing up in Point Pleasant, ‘down the shore’ was unique and fun; the summers bring a different vibe in a beach town.” One of those summers brought a young man named Ben Freedman from Montreal to work in a store in town. Aubrey went shopping at that same store on her birthday, met Ben, and a summer romance began! Ben convinced Aubrey to take a leap of faith to attend school in Montreal; she took the leap, earned her degree in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising and married Ben!

When Aubrey and Ben became parents, and had moved to Toronto, they felt strongly about taking on more religious commitments as a family. The children’s attendance and experiences at Orthodox after-school programs influenced the family’s religious journey. Aubrey owes a lot to her chavruta, Aviva, who she’s been learning with for years. When asked if she has other religious inspiration, Aubrey shared, “It’s really the day to day people I see and get inspired from different things, like ‘I want to be a mom like that,’ or ‘I want to be at that level one day.’ We should always be growing and finding inspiration.” It’s no surprise that Aubrey’s outlook when seeing others is to wanting to grow, a beautiful way of looking at others.

Aubrey and Ben have 4 sons, 3 current Netivot students and 1 enrolled in Pre-nursery for next year.