Rabbi Rafi Cashman

“I enjoyed the process of improvement over winning” reflects CHAT’s 1993 Senior Athlete of the Year RRC. “I loved to practice. There was a park across the street from my house and I would go every day. I’d shoot baskets over and over; or throw a baseball or tennis ball against the wall for hours.” This passion to improve and the joy felt through progress is a natural fit for the Head of School role he is in today. “One of the greatest forms of pleasure I have is helping people grow, be more confident, and be the best version of themselves. I love to help people understand themselves and the world around them.” As HOS, he cultivates the growth of Netivot as a whole; he creates a better institution as he enthusiastically supports educators’ efficacy to guide students to success.

As passionate, and self-motivated as he was in sports, he was far less disciplined or interested in schoolwork (but, he said, university was “amazing”). It might seem ironic that a HOS didn’t enjoy school, but it actually grants him a unique perspective. RRC understands that students need to connect to school subjects in a meaningful way and so he ensures that our school – people, processes and content – are relevant and engaging.

Rabbi Rafi Cashman, father of 4; including 2 current Netivot students, has been Head of School at Netivot since 2017.